" Do you expect me to talk?"

Do you take credit cards?

Strictly cash or bank transfer for longer bookings. But you knew that already, though, didn't you?

Can I marry you?

How much money do you have?

Are you really open minded?

I think about it all of the time...

Where are you from?

Aside from your fantasies, you mean? Well, I am a very good little girl from Western Europe

What vetting do you do?

I'm going to need your hotel name and room number, and I'll give you a quick call to say hi.

What's your favourite type of dress?

The one that you have just pulled off me.

Do you like the male gaze? Surely everywhere you go men are looking at you.
I love being looked at. I dress to be looked at.

I know asking you about specific services is rather rude, but can you give me any hints? Please?

I like to think that I behave in the bedroom like the girlfriend you never had. I love to kiss, and whisper naughty things in your ear. I want to grind against you, telling you what I want, what you can do, how excited I am to be with you. I can almost feel you now. So good. So, so good. My mouth? Yes. If you want to. Inside. Or against my soft, full lips that absolutely LOVE to be kissed. They make the most perfect 'O' you will ever see...(or ever feel). The most exquisite, sensational  'O' you can imagine....Mmmmm. So good. On my face? Yes. I like that too. You can do those things.  You want me to be strict, and maybe some BDSM roleplay? I quite enjoy that if the mood is right. And if you want to party - I'm gonna be the date to set your evening ablaze. You will LOVE your time with me. You will never want me to leave. Never.


And when you book me, I want you to think of me all day long.  Think of me until we meet. Until I am in front of you. Waiting to be touched. Waiting to touch you.


Phew! Right. Next question, please.....


Wow. That's amazing. Thank you for telling me all of that. Wow! But ... er ... I was wondering .... I've been looking at your photos....
Yes? And?

Well, I was wondering, er, you know, if you could tell me...

30E. Is that what you wanted to know?

Yes. Thankyou.

30E-24-34 to be exact. You approve?

Yes. I most certainly do.
Can we move along now then?

Yes. What are your favourite restaurants for a dinner date?

I enjoy both Japanese and French cuisine, so right now I like Nobu in Mayfair and Helene Darroze, also in Mayfair. Drinks? Oh yes please. I'll have a Martini. Thank you.

Do you enjoy women too? I mean - would you come and see both me and my wife or my girlfriend?
I'd love to. What would you like me to wear? Would you like me to bring along some toys? 

'til we meet, lover,