" Is that a Walther PPK in your pocket
or are you just happy to see me?"

How exciting!!! Looks like you are ready to meet me! I am going to make you feel like a king. That I promise!

If this is your first time seeing me it would be super nice if you could fill out this form. If you have seen other girls please mention that so I can just do a quick verification.


If you are staying in a hotel, please include your room number and the phone number of that hotel.

Please make sure my gift is prepared and handed to me within the first 10 minutes of meeting in an unsealed envelope so that we can get that part of the business quickly out of the way and we can relax and begin to enjoy ourselves.


  • For bookings longer than 12 hours and international trips I require a 50% deposit and additionally any travel costs/flight tickets 

  • For all dates lasting 3 hours or longer, I require a 35% deposit

  • Dinner Date: 2 Hours at Dinner, 2 Hours of Private Time

  • Overnight :  12 Hours of Fun, and please - I do need to sleep!

This form and all electronic information is deleted after our little get together!  


Any money exchanged is for my time and companionship only. What may then occur between two consenting adults is their personal choice.